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Space to breathe with steadying support

Hi, I'm Caroline


I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, based in Midlothian, Scotland. 

I see clients in-person, or online.  

I also run group courses, in person and online. 

I am neuro-affirmative and work with people 18+.. 

I have over 20 years of experience of working with individuals and their wellbeing and supporting them through times when they have needed a helping hand. 

I provide a steadying space where you are listened to without judgement. You don't have to work out how to explain it or put a face on it all with me. Come as you are, and together we will untangle your feelings and thoughts.

Each therapy session is formed around a deep respect for your individuality and own unique experiences. 

I don't believe people fit into boxes or labels or specific treatment plans. 

believe it's my role to take my skills, training and experience and fit them to you.  

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Psychotherapy + Counselling

People come to therapy with me for a range of reasons.

It might be to work through something specific, or for support during or after a particularly difficult period.

It may be because things somehow don't feel right, or they don't feel like themself. 

We will start with an initial chat to check that we are a good fit and that you feel comfortable working with me. 

Disordered Eating

I have a specialised experience in supporting people who have a challenging relationship with food and / or their body.

This includes disordered eating, eating disorders, compulsive exercise and body image issues. 

Each person's relationship with their food and body is unique to them and I support and respect you as an individual.  

"You have helped me so much. Thank you. You have not only made an impact on my life but on my husband and daughter's too  - for the better. "

GM, Online

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With my newsletter subscribers I offer a pause for thought in amongst all the busy noisy stuff. I like to remind us all just how well we are doing at being human - because it can be far too easy to dismiss that.

I include little bits n bobs that I've found to be nourishing to our mental and emotional wellbeing. 


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