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Welcome, I'm Caroline

I help people whose relationship with their body, food or exercise has become problematic for them.


Specifically, some of the things that I support people with are:

- Recovering from disordered eating

- Persistent pain or pain flare ups

- Recovering from disordered exercise behaviours

- Improving body image

- Enjoying a healthy relationship with exercise and food

- Moving through unresolved trauma in the body

- Dealing with difficult feelings and lack of feeling safe in their body

- Improving self esteem

I have a specialism in supporting those experiencing eating disorders or compulsive exercise.


I'm here to help you cut loose from the continual negative self talk about your body and find freedom from behaviours and feelings that have become difficult to manage. I'm here to help you enjoy being you and living your life. 

I'm passionate about this because I know what it's like to feel that way. For decades of my life I felt unsafe and unhappy in my body. But I also know how much better it is beyond that - when you feel in charge of your life and enjoy living it without that constant fog of dealing with your body.


My practice is a combination of many things that I have trained in over the years and that have personally helped me in my own life: from counselling, NLP, CBT, mindfulness through to yoga, body awareness therapy and guided journalling. At the heart of it all is seeing you first & foremost, meeting you where you are at, and helping you move forward in ways that make sense to you.

I've been described as being 'pragmatically positive'. I know life's not full of unicorns and rainbows. But I also I believe that we all have the capacity, and capability, within us to thrive in life - regardless of our past experiences - and I'm here to help you do just that.  

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I found Caroline by accident (or maybe not), and I liked her own story of recovery. It resonated with where I was.  At the beginning of each session, we would have a 5 or 10 minute chat about how I was doing and what had been happening since the last session. Then we'd do yoga. I don't know how she did it, but it always spoke exactly to me! I liked that could take that away with me and practice at home myself if I felt I needed to, but often the session itself changed my perspective.  I had 8 sessions with Caroline which were absolutely invaluable. I'm so grateful to Caroline for her support and wisdom.  ”


 I can’t thank you enough for the difference you’ve made to how I feel. For weeks and weeks I’ve struggled. Now I feel more excited about the future. And I feel like I have one.


Thank you for making it so easy and comfortable for me to talk about how I am feeling about my body. I honestly didn't imagine getting to that point never mind beginning to think that I could actually find a way to like my body. The session today was very enlightening and I'm feeling very hopeful about moving forward from here


I've been paying attention to what I feel at any given time and really trying to experience it rather than try to name it or figure it out. And, I've had almost no pain since seeing you last time! So yes please, if you can wave your magic wand and do more of the same that would be great!


You got me to believe in myself, Thank you so much xxx


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"The body always leads us home... if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight or feeling"

Pat Ogden