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Therapeutic Coaching & Movement Therapy


I'm Caroline, I'm a Coach and Therapist.


I’m passionate about helping people feel more in charge of their life, live it fully and do the things that make them them. 

I know that life isn't all rainbows and unicorns. It can be really challenging at times and we can find ourselves 'just getting on', 'putting up with' or 'struggling through' We can get taken off course from who we are and find it difficult to find our way back. 


I also know we each have a great capacity within ourselves to unstick, overcome and thrive. I'm here to help you do that.

We can do this through talking, moving, or a combination of both. We can do this face to face or online. 

Some of the things that I support people with are:

  • Finding freedom from persistent pain, niggles or pain flare-ups

  • Managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Re-discovering themself after an accident, illness, surgery or traumatic event

  • Finding a sense of purpose and direction in life

  • Recovering from disordered eating and improving body image

  • Moving through unresolved trauma in the body 

  • Improving self esteem

I specialise in supporting those experiencing disordered eating, body image issues and eating / exercise disorders. 

I am trauma-informed in all my practice. 



These sessions are all about making positive and sustainable change towards you living your life with more YOU in it. 

Our conversations start with where you're at and explore beliefs, thinking and feelings that are getting in your way while bringing your inner strengths and values to the fore.



These sessions use movement to resolve issues (physical, emotional or mental) that are holding you back from fully enjoying your life. We can pick and mix from my movement kit bag containing pilates, yoga, functional and restorative movement aswell as many many movement gems that I've picked up over 20 years. 



Attend live online classes with me:

Morning yoga on Tuesdays

Yin yoga on Thursday evenings

Or enjoy my extensive library of

pre-recorded classes

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I was really broken emotionally and physically with debilitating 

back pain when I first met Caroline. Slowly over the course of 2020 my body has started to find itself again. I can sleep through the night (I was previously an insomniac due to pain levels) and can now go to work without bursting into tears halfway through the day. I sometimes still can't believe the progress I have made and can’t thank Caroline enough for helping to give me my quality of life back!


Thank you for making it so easy and comfortable for me to talk about how I am feeling about my body. I honestly didn't imagine getting to that point never mind beginning to think that I could actually find a way to like my body. The session today was very enlightening and I'm feeling very hopeful about moving forward from here


I've been paying attention to what I feel at any given time and really trying to experience it rather than try to name it or figure it out. And, I've had almost no pain since seeing you last time! So yes please, if you can wave your magic wand and do more of the same that would be great!


You got me to believe in myself, Thank you so much xxx


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"The body always leads us home... if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight or feeling"

Pat Ogden