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Embodied Coaching

Sessions for Adolescents

I work with young people from age 14 upwards*. Some of the things that I help them with are:

  • anxiety, panic attacks

  • body image issues or disordered eating*

  •  depression

  • social anxiety

  • exam pressure / anxiety 

  • increasing their self esteem

Adolescence is a time of great change that can bring vulnerability to mental health issues and emotional challenges. Therapeutic support and non-judgemental space can be a place for them to talk freely with someone objective and be facilitated to navigate through these challenges. 

Often I take an outcome-focused approach with adolescents. This might involve forming some goals together about where we want to get to together and how we might do that. This can be helpful as they are able to see where they are heading to and also allows them to recognise their progress as we move through our sessions together. My aim ultimately is to no longer be needed and for them to be able to enjoy being a young person. 

What to Expect:

Pre-session (20-30 mins) - No charge

Before I start working with any young person, we will have a zoom or phone call together so that we can check that I am the right person to support them. This is a chance for you to ask me anything you want. It also helps me to get an initial insight into the specific needs and challenges so that if we do arrange sessions then I can tailor them from the beginning. We may choose to speak together alone, or you may wish for the young person to join at some point during the call.

First & subsequent Sessions (60 mins) - £65 each

Once we start working together, the content of the sessions remain confidential between the young person and myself. I would only break this confidentiality if I am worried about the safety of them, or others. However, if the person is under 16 then I am able to give a general update as to how sessions are going and what this might mean for future sessions and frequency. For over 16s, this will be with their consent. 

Typically I suggest that we have 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis to begin with. This allows us to get to know each other, get more understanding of the issues that need support, and to start to address those. 
Multi-Disciplinary Support:

I have associations with other practitioners working in this field (psychiatrists, other psychotherapists, educational coaches, family therapists and mentors). This means that I can refer appropriately if alternative or additional support is required.

* Please note that where an diagnosed clinical eating disorder is present I work with 16+ yrs only


If you would like to arrange an initial chat with me then please email, text or call me, or use the form on my contact page (No social media DM's or enquiries via WhatsApp please!):

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