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Course of Goal Focused Sessions

Some people find it helpful to commit to a known period of time with a particular focus for counselling or coaching sessions. This can be useful where you have a specific, known issue limiting you in some way.

For example:


  • Your confidence has been knocked recently and you want to work on bolstering it again

  • You want to work on one specific issue (Eg disordered eating, social anxiety, confidence at work)

  • Improving your self care practices and general wellbeing

  • Making time for your own interests and goals in amongst the busy-ness 


We agree to have 10 sessions together (each 60 minutes) over a period of 10-16 weeks. We will start weekly and may extend to fortnight or 3 weeks as the course goes on. 

We will set specific goals for the therapy period within the first couple of sessions and use this as our guide and containment for the remaining sessions. If other things come up we will make a decision as to whether to hold this for a future time or whether to review and reset goals if it is possible within the remaining sessions. 

At the end of the course we will review where we have got to and if we need to create a plan going forward for you to maintain the benefits of the sessions yourself


Pre-session zoom or phone call (20mins): No charge

Course of goal focused sessions (10 x 60 mins): £600, payable at the beginning of sessions as one payment, or as 3 x monthly payments of £200.

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