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Embodied Coaching

Movement Psychotherapy

Life is full of overwhelming experiences and our body is there with us in all of them. It experiences, and is impacted by, our pain, hurts, unmet needs, and trauma. It holds them as memories within our tissues which can impact on how we connect to our body, move, feel and take ownership of the space that we occupy with it.


We often try to think or talk our way through extremely difficult or traumatic experiences. While talking therapy has its place, working with the body and its language (movement) can reach places that verbal language cannot. 

“movement is a primary language for all human beings, and as such, is a powerful means to access implicit memory and stored history, trauma-related or not.” (Elizabeth Lynn Gray)

Movement psychotherapy helps you reconnect with your body and regain trust and ownership of your feelings and experiences. We approach our sessions with sensitivity and create a safe, predictable space from which we can enquire compassionately. 


We keep your personal challenges in mind during our sessions together. While I draw from various practices (yoga, pilates, somatics, body awareness therapy or functional movement) we are not focused on form, technique or style. This is not about what the movements look like, but about how you experience them and how your nervous system responds to movement suggestions. I am guided by you and we go at the pace that you are comfortable with. 


What to expect:

Sessions usually begin with a bit of a chat about how you are feeling that day and any awareness you may have of current challenges that you want us to explore together. 


We will then start with some gentle movement to get you comfortable and help us connect with your body’s needs. From there I will facilitate you to explore different ways of moving and being with your body responses with respect for your tolerance to any new experiences. Once we have finished our movement practice, we will have a debrief about the session and ways that this might be integrated into your daily life. 

Because these session are so experiential you may decide to have a single session to see how you get on, and then take things from there. 


I find that some people like to have regular sessions for a period of time, whereas others prefer to take a less structured approach and contact me as and when they feel they need some more input. I have no expectation of how you choose to use my support. I am always happy to have a chat with you before starting sessions to tell you more or answer your questions. Please do contact me and we can arrange this if you would like to do that. 

Sessions are for 60 minutes and £70 each. 

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