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Improve your body image

8 week course

Starting Autumn 2024

This course is here to:

🌼 Help you understand your own body image narrative
🌼 Support you towards a more compassionate and connective relationship with your body 
🌼 Facilitate you through gentle body awareness practices that you keep to use whenever you want to
🌼 Provide group support with others who feel the same

On-Demand Courses


At your own pace, in your own time

💤 The course takes a body based approach to improving sleep. It supports you to becoming more self aware AND able to take charge of improving your sleeping patterns.

💤 You will learn to understand your own sleep pattern, where and why your sleep may be getting sabotaged, and how to replenish your energy during the day.

 💤 You'll develop strategies to un-busy your mind, manage thoughts and help your brain to sleep better

💤 You can take the time you need to go through the 10 stages of the course, working at your own pace.

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