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Counselling & Coaching

Both counselling and coaching offer you objective and non-judgemental space to talk though your thoughts, feelings and experiences in ways that make sense to you. 


Counselling may be short term (6-12 sessions) when working through specific and known difficult issue. Ongoing counselling can be beneficial for longer term issues or for deeper exploration into the unhelpful patterns and behaviours that continue to repeat and are keeping you stuck.

Coaching tends to be more goal focused and action orientated with an emphasis on self development. 

Some of the reasons that people come to see me are:

- To reduce anxiety and overwhelm

- For support through difficult life changes or challenges

- To improve self worth

- To reduce burnout, feeling run down and wrung out

- Anxiety or low mood is impacting their quality of life

- Their relationship with food is disordered and / or distressing
- To move out of feeling stuck and feel more energised



My role is not to just listen, but to truly hear you, and to facilitate new understanding and perspective of the challenges and issues that you experiencing. From here we can together create new solutions or paths forward to you feeling more positive and resourced within yourself. 

I have a tool kit of many different modalities that includes NLP, CBT, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, yoga philosophy and somatic psychotherapy. I draw on what best suits your way of communicating and your needs at the time. It's not your role to fit my tools, but rather it's for me to work creatively with them and in accordance with who you are and what you bring to the space. 

We can discuss in our initial conversation what support you are looking for and what might be most appropriate for you. 

Whilework with clients on a session by session basis, I ask that an initial commitment to 6 sessions (usually weekly) is made for counselling once we agree to work together. This allows us both to gain a fuller understanding of the issues that have brought you to counselling and helps us form our collaborative relationship to finding ways forward that really make a difference for you. 


Coaching can be less often, but it is still be beneficial to have a set regularity to help with accountability and reflecting on progress.


Pre-session zoom or phone call (20-30 mins): No charge

Counselling Sessions (1hour): £60

Counselling sessions require an initial commitment to 6 sessions (usually weekly). These can be paid per session or as a one-off payment of £360 as you prefer.

Coaching Packages:

6 x 1 hour sessions (to be used within 4 months) £375

10 x1 hour sessions (to be used within 6 months): £600

Monthly Coaching (75min sessions): £80 per session (initial commitment of 4 sessions)


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