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Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders and Body-Image Issues

I have a specialism in working with eating disorders.*

I work with individuals wherever they find themselves on the spectrum of food and body-image related issues. This can be from experiencing disordered eating through to diagnosed clinical eating disorders. I also work with anyone who has had an eating disorder in the past and feels that their relationship with food, their body or exercise is more challenging than they feel it needs to be.

My approach is multi-faceted and adaptable and very much geared towards the person in front of me and their specific needs at that time. No two people are the same so every approach to repairing relationships with food, exercise and the body is different.

We may spend most of our sessions talking through challenges in order to understand and address them, or we it may make more sense for us to connect though the body and develop a felt sense of what you need to move forward.   

For this reason I have trained in skills ranging from outcome or behaviour focused therapies through to personal centred practices and also exercise psychology, mindfulness, pilates, yoga and body awareness therapy.

Before we start working together we will have a zoom or phone call together so that we can check that I am the right person to support you. It is important for your safety that I am able to work with you within my scope of practice and it is also important that you feel that you will be able to connect with me. 

If we do decide to work together then when and how often we proceed with sessions very much depends on where you are at and how much support you need from me. Typically I suggest that we have 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis to begin with. This allows us to get to know each other, get more understanding of the issues that you need support with, and start to address those. From there we generally have a good guide as to how frequently it makes sense to see each other going forward. You are not contracted to any specific number of sessions and we will regularly review and check in with how things are going, adjusting or adapting as we is appropriate.


Multi-Disciplinary Support:

Where a diagnosed eating disorder is currently present I will often work in collaboration with other practitioners in this field. I have a strong network of like minded professionals that I associate with (nutritionists, specialised physios, psychiatrists, other psychotherapists, exercise coaches). This means that I can refer appropriately if I feel that you might benefit from alternative or additional support. 

If you would like to arrange an initial chat with me then please email, text or call me, or use the form on my contact page (FYI: I'm pretty rubbish at checking social media DM's or WhatsApp!):


* Please note:


  • Where a diagnosed eating disorder is present, I work with 16yrs+ only and 16-18yrs depending on severity.

  • I am regularly contacted by people who are looking to find out what I do so that they can pass my info on to a friend or loved one, or because they are looking for advice about how to help them. While I fully appreciate the caring intent behind them, I do not have capacity to have these discussions. I therefore only discuss, support and book appointments with those seeking recovery for themself or with parents / caregivers who are phoning on behalf of someone who has agreed to receiving support.

  • If you are seeking support for someone else then I kindly request that you discuss this with them first. You can also contact BEAT charity in the first instance for advice and guidance.

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