Group Sessions

I offer group sessions on a regular basis, both online and in-person.

These range from one-off movement based classes or workshops, to short therapeutic courses that bring various elements of support together. 

Group sessions can be a wonderful way of benefitting from some therapeutic input with like minded people. They offer a different dynamic to individual sessions, and allow you to be as involved in each session as you feel able to at the time.


I often mix coaching, movement, body awareness or journalling within group courses.

I also run movement only sessions; sometimes with a specific focus, sometimes just to 'simply' enjoy the benefit of moving.

I also run courses group sessions addressing a specific issue, such as managing anxiety, improving sleep, self esteem, or your relationship with food or body


I currently have the following group sessions running or coming up. 

6 week yoga based course, aimed at easing the body towards the shortest day. Delicious grounding movement combined with stabilising and settling stillness, so you feel both refreshed and calm as the nights get longer. 

Mondays 7:30 - 8:30pm online starting Monday 14th November 

8 week course combining body based awareness and behaviour change, to help you form a more positive body image for yourself. 

Starting early 2023

A 6 week course to help you to understand and address the anxiety that is getting in the way of you enjoying your life. 

Starting Spring 2023