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Hi, I'm Caroline


I'm a psychotherapist and movement therapist. 

I have over 20 years of experience of working with individuals and their wellbeing and supporting them through times when they have needed a helping hand. 


I may be the therapist for you if you:


  • Have been having a tough time (physically, mentally or emotionally) and need some support to regain some inner strength and steadiness

  • Are fed up feeling rubbish about yourself and want to improve your self esteem

  • Feel burnout, run down and wrung out

  • Are anxious and it's getting in the way of how you live

  • Want to change your disordered relationship with food

  • Want to feel connection and confidence with yourself and your body

  • Have experienced a traumatic life event, illness or injury and are finding it difficult to move on from it

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Individual sessions offer space specifically for you and where I can help you find direction and ways forward.


know that you are uniquely you. So while I have an extensive tool kit of qualifications and experience to bring to our sessions, what really matters is that how we work together makes sense to you.

This is one of the reasons why I offer both movement and talking therapy, and often intertwine them. They can both help us find ways through difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Because how we move affects how we think and feel, and how we think and feel affects how we move. Yet, I appreciate that some people find it easier to talk through things and others find it easier to move through things

Before working individually together we will have a 

conversation about what it is you are needing support with. So it's totally ok if you don't know where you might want to start. That in itself can be our starting point! 

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Talking through things in an objective, non-judgemental space, helps make sense of difficult thoughts, feelings and experience. 

Sessions can be either online or in-person at my therapy room in Gorebridge, Midlothian. 

Movement Therapy

'Movement Therapy' simply means using movement therapeutically and in ways that are tailored individually to you and your needs.  

This may include pilates, yoga, functional movement, somatics, 

breathwork or body awareness

Groups and Classes

Classes, work shops and courses offer you a positive space to be with like minded people in a group setting.

I offer regular classes, one-off workshops and ongoing courses. These can be online or in-person

"You have helped me so much. Thank you. You have not only made an impact on my life but on my husband and daughter's too  - for the better. "

GM, Online

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Get Monthly Updates

I connect exclusively with subscribers to share some helpful musings and inspirations that I hope can help us all feel a bit more human and a bit less hard on ourselves for being human. 

I include the odd wee movement video, or some info about things coming up but will never get spammy (coz I don't like that either!). 

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