Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs

and support you in ways that best make sense to you. 

Because it's important that it makes sense to you!

And that you feel heard, respected, understood and cared for.

Because you and your needs are at the centre of our collaboration.

 I have a tool-kit to drawn on that is gathered from over 20 years of experience of working with individuals and from trainings in various practices that can help me to support them. I have trained in many different movement based practices and talking based therapies as I believe that each of these can help us address our feelings and have the potential to shift long-held limiting patterns of responses and behaviour. Both offer avenues with which we can connect with our core self and feel solid within ourselves. 

If you don't know which you might want or need that's absolutely fine. We can chat about it. 

I work with adults, and with adolescents from age 14+

Pre-session zoom or phone call (20-30 mins): No charge

Initial & Ongoing Therapeutic Coaching or Movement Therapy Sessions (60 mins): £65

10 session goal focused course of coaching based sessions (10 x 60mins): £600

Monthly Mental Health Tune-Up (75 mins): £75