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Monthly Mental Health Tune-Ups

I created Monthly Mental Health Tune Ups as a space where you can reset, reflect and breath more fully again. 


Sometimes we can find ourselves needing a bit support to keep us on track or to have some check in time with an objective ear. Having some accountability with someone else helps us keep accountable to ourself and our own well-being. Think of this as a place where you put your own oxygen mask on first again!  


Each session is 75 minutes long, and we schedule them roughly 4 weeks apart. Generally we will use the beginning of the session to check back in with anything agreed at the previous session and with where you are at now. We might then explore something specific that you bring to the session or is an ongoing issue, or we may see what comes up when you have some space to stop and explore how you feel. Really, the session is your time so it will be completely unique to you as to how we use it. We will finish the session with a check in and agreeing anything that you might want to work on or integrate before our next session. 

There is no contract to a specific period of time during which to have these sessions, but I do recommend a commitment to at least 3 sessions to feel the benefit.


Pre-session zoom or phone call (20mins): No charge

Each Monthly Mental Health Tune Up Session (75 mins): £75

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