Adapting To Freedom

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this week regarding 'late-stage pandemic'. We discussed how we've got stuck into a kind of comfort of living as we have been. We said it in a bit of a hushed whisper (although there was no one to hear it) feeling awful for saying it, not really wanting to admit to it, but also knowing that we got what the other one said. My friend related it to feeling institutionalised. He said that he desperately wanted to get back to doing things that he wants to do, yet, on the other hand, he's kind of forgotten what he does, or how to do it. While he doesn't want to be living like this anymore, there's a certain comfort and predictability to it. I was nodding lots as he talked, completely relating to it. And also I was musing over our human adaptation.

A year has been long enough for us to adapt to this. And there's a certain comfort that comes with being in an adapted state - we do what we do and we're used to it, we don't have to think about it. It doesn't mean we necessarily like it, but we know it. And essentially it means that coming out of this is going to require another adaptation - we're going to have to do things differently again from how we're currently doing them to get to a place that is ultimately eventually our life after the pandemic. When we are allowed to, will we hug the same? Will it feel weird to be close to someone? Will my space feel invaded? Will I want to socialise as much as before? Will I want to socialise more? Will that little get-away that I used to go to still be the same? What if I don't like doing xyz anymore? How will I manage to keep doing some of the things that I like doing during lockdown? Oof, I have soooo many questions!

And here's the thing. Sometimes we don't need to know 'how'. We didn't know how to do lockdown or living in a pandemic. Yet, here we are... We found a way (personally and globally). Sometimes we just need to know what we want (or don't want), and the rest works itself out for us. We find a way. We find our way.

My hope is that we all find our way out of this in ways that help us to fully thrive as ourselves in our post-pandemic world. Bloody hell, we owe ourselves that much after all this, don't we!

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