Connection During Disconnected Times

Despite distancing and limitations, I’ve made connections I wouldn’t otherwise have made this last 9 months. In so many ways I’m convinced that my connections now are better that they were a year ago.

‘Disconnect’ has been taunting us, but the need to connect is hard-wired into us & we seek it as part of our survival system.

As my business quickly had to pivot and adapt I sought support from an online coached group (from all over the world). For the last 9 months we’ve shared, cried, fretted, celebrated and metaphorically held each other through the rollercoaster.

I’ve also felt aligned to people I know only through social media yet I know we could have an easy conversation over a cuppa sometime.

I have never met these people, yet I feel the connection.

My work has pretty much been online throughout this time.

And with a job that has connection at the heart of it, I’ve had to find new words and actions to maintain that connect between us. I am a better therapist & teacher as a result.

In my friendships, my inner circle hold me stronger, as I them. We can drop a text or pick up the phone knowing that we might have nothing to say, coz nothings going on, yet even on the phone or on text we can stay with that place of ‘i don’t have anything to say but I want to connect with you’.

As a family, we’ve become better at saying what we feel & how much we mean to each other. Or maybe we’ve become less lazy at it!

It turns out my hubby and I can be with each other literally 24/7 and still find new nuances in our relationship & new ways of having a laugh.

And FOR SURE this last 9 months my connection with myself has deepened. As distractions and coping methods have been stripped away I’ve sat with fears, anxieties & uncomfortableness that I’d preferred not to. But I have, and in doing so I’ve discovered strengths - and limitations - within myself that I’d never have otherwise found. I know myself better than ever and I love myself with less judgement.

Somehow in amongst some inevitable disconnection and detaching I’ve found more true personal connections. And I can also acknowledge the global connection that we ALL have in living through 2020.

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