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Finding Your Way Forward

I know it can be really scary to make changes… even if you’re someone who also quite likes change.

Choosing change that involves moving into the unknown with a less clear path feels different from making changes that you’re in control of with a reasonably clear focus.

I get it. There’s this lifeline where you currently are that feels like it’s keeping you safe because it’s what you know. But it jabs at you constantly with its discomfort of stuckness . And you endure it, just a little bit longer. You keep hold of its tether - because at least you know what to expect.

People say ‘you can do it’ or tell you ‘it’ll be ok’, ‘you’ll be ok’. But, heck, you just don’t know. Maybe. Possibly. Might even probably be ok. But, what if?? I mean, yeah, what if??

So you hold on that bit longer. Putting up with the jabs of the discomfort. Either you stay there, or eventually you decide you’ve had enough of the jabs, and you take that first step, and another, and you gather the strength to release the tether.

So, here’s the thing… chances are pretty darn high that it IS going to be ok, and I’ve no doubt that you can do this. I also understand how that in-between stage feels, and it’s challenges. Not quite ‘there’ 👉 on the other side, and no longer wanting to be back there 👈 some days you’re only acutely aware of the untethering, other days you can sense the place ahead.

Mostly you need someone to reassure you (even if asking for reassurance isn’t in your nature!). You need little doses of ‘what else?’ when all you hear is ‘what if?’. You need reminded that you’re not alone in that luminal space and that someone else will bring light when you lose sight of the next step.

Reach out for help if you need it. Seek out role models who’ve been there. Get the books. Listen to the podcasts. Humans supporting other humans.

You CAN do this. It’s also OK to ask for help along the way 💕💕

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