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The Gift of Therapy

It can be easy to think of therapy as something we turn to in our hardest times.

And yes, therapy can be a lifeline during those times and invaluable in helping us through and strengthening from those experiences.

But therapy can also be there for the times when we might not feel that we’re ‘struggling’ as such.

Maybe we’re getting through, managing, coping. ‘Doing ok’ even. There’s nothing specific yet we’re not really sure why things feel as hard as they are.

Therapy during these times can be life changing in a different way. We can gain insight into some of the more ‘normalised’ patterns we hold, or shed new light on where, when and why our vulnerabilities are prevoked. It can strengthen our sense of self and we’re doing it from a place of relative stability.

When I’ve done this myself, I can find myself questioning whether I ‘need’ the therapy session. And sometimes in the middle when it’s in the sticky stuff I might even roll my eyes at myself and think I really shouldn’t have!

But every single time I’m breathing a big sigh of relief at the end and feeling lighter. Every time I grow as a person and stand a little surer in myself. Every single time I’m grateful for the incredible gift that therapy can be.

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