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We are all made up of many things. It is the many things that make us whole

Just because I cry, messily, I am no less strong nor courageous.

Just because I make mistakes, I am no less capable.

Just because I swear in frustration, I am no less focused nor calm.

Just because I get angry at injustice, I am no less loving.

Just because I laugh at frivolity, I am no less of a deep thinker.

Just because I defend my loved ones fiercely, I am no less able to see the others point of view.

Just because I say the wrong thing, I am no less caring of others.

Just because I fight your support, I am no less in need of it.

Just because I feel sad, I am no less full of happiness with my life.

I am all of these things - and more.

You are all of these things - and more.

We are all all of these things - and more.

We are a mix of so many emotions, and traits. It is the mix of all of these things that we are that makes us whole.

Living a happy life doesn’t mean always being happy or smiley. It’s not about being permanently pleasant and it’s certainly not about being liked by everyone.

In fact, if we try to squash down, smother, or hide those emotions that might be labelled ‘negative’ or somehow seen as less, then I can guarantee it is taking you away from feeling deep happiness.

Life is emotional. We are emotional. We’re made to feel life and to express that life.

Live life, feel life, express your life. And I’m the words of Renton ‘Choose Life’. Your full beautiful life

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