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When not doing much can do so much more

It’s hard when we have a friend who’s struggling isn’t it?

Maybe we worry about what to say, or what not to say.

Maybe we try to take the pressure off and do all the talking.

Maybe we tell the person we’re here if they want to talk.

Maybe when we don’t hear from them we don’t know whether to get in touch or not.

Maybe, even though we don’t want to admit it, we’re scared to hear what they might say.

Maybe we’re deep down scared of how uncomfortable we might feel when we hear how they really are.

Maybe our response to our discomfort is to offer out different ways of looking at it, suggestions of how to feel better, advice on things they could do.

Maybe what this actually does is create disconnection.

Yup, maybe.

Maybe instead we can be with the person. Not doing much. Dropping a text just to say hello. Inviting them to come along, if they want. Just being there. Saying so much, without saying so much (if you see what I mean…)

Maybe it says ‘you are loved’


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