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Psychotherapy &  Counselling

People come to see me for various reasons:

- To reduce anxiety and overwhelm

- For support through difficult life changes or challenges

- To improve self worth

- They are feeling burnout, run down and wrung out

- They are feeling stuck or struggling and don't know why

- Anxiety or low mood is impacting on their quality of life

- Seeking recovery from an eating disorder or dysfunctional exercise behaviours
- To make sense of how they feel

Sessions offer you an objective and non-judgemental space to talk through your thoughts, feelings and experiences in ways that make sense to you. My role is not to just listen, but to truly hear you, and to facilitate new understanding and perspective of the challenges and issues that you need support through. From here we can together create new solutions or paths forward towards you feeling more positive and resourced within yourself. 

I have a tool kit of many different modalities that includes NLP, CBT, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, coaching and counselling skills, yoga philosophy and somatic psychotherapy. I draw on what best suits your way of communicating and processing and needs at the time. It's not your role to fit my tools, but rather it's for me to work creatively with them and in accordance with what you bring to the space. 

There is no right pace or frequency for sessions - only the one that is most appropriate for you and what brings you to therapy. For this reason I work with clients on an ongoing session by session basis and also offer courses of goal focused sessions or monthly mental health tune ups.  

Short term, goal focused therapy can help if you are struggling with a specific issue.  

Ongoing therapy can be beneficial for longer term issues or for deeper exploration into the unhelpful patterns and behaviours that continue to repeat and are keeping you stuck.

We can discuss this in our initial conversation as we discover what support you are looking for and what might be most appropriate for you. 

Pre-session zoom or phone call (20-30 mins): No charge

Initial & Ongoing Sessions (60 mins): £65

Course of 10 goal focused sessions: £600

Monthly Mental Health Tune-Ups (75 mins): £75

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