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Somatic Resources

Movement, breath or somatic practices can help to shift our state when we feel stuck, dysregulated, overwhelmed and where words or thoughts may not come easy.

They can support us towards a state of more ease and resourcefulness.

I often integrate them into individual client or group sessions.

Here are a selection of practices that you may use whenever you wish. 

Breathing Practices

To steady and create pause

3 short breath practices with guidance 

Alternate nostril breathing

Guided practice for balancing state

For space within

Breath in 4, breathe out 6, with short pauses

Taoist breath practice

Creating a boundary and gathering resource

Movement Practices

Movements to help you ground

Using floor & gravity to settle and be more at ease

For 'difficult to get out of bed' mornings

Yoga to help you get out of bed (done in bed!) 

Lymph Flow Practice

Short practice to shift sluggishness

Psoas release

Offering the deep flexor muscles some release 

Evening wind down stretch

Some simple stretches to wind down tight muscles

Short yin practice

20 minute short practice to find some stillness

Yin Yoga Practices

Yin with supported inversions

You will need a chair and some cushions

Yin for hips

You will need a yoga strap/ belt & some cushions

Yin for general wellbeing

You will need a couple of cushions

Yin intro if stillness is challenging

18 minute practice towards some stillness

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