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Disordered Eating Therapy

It can be frustrating, difficult, and often isolating, when you know your relationship with food needs to change, but you don't know how to or where to begin. It's understandable that you feel stuck.  

I am very familiar with these challenges, and I fully appreciate the courage it takes to speak to someone about this. I have many years of experience of helping people to address these issues and I have my own lived experience from which I am now fully recovered.

It is very possible to form a healthy relationship with your body and food regardless of how difficult that might seem now.

I have been working in this specialised area for over 10 years. I have gained many specific qualifications and attended many training days. However, it is my experience with clients that has confirmed to me that everyone's relationship with food or their body is unique to them. Therefore I support you with your particular challenges and how we do that will be completely unique to you. 

My toolkit contains many different modalities including NLP, CBT, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, somatic movement, yoga philosophy and somatic psychotherapy. I draw on what best suits your way of communicating and your needs at the time. It's not your role to fit my tools, but rather it's for me to use my skills and experience and work in accordance with who you are and what you bring to the space.

I meet you where you are at, respect your individuality & aim to be a steady anchor for you throughout your time of therapy with me. We may meet some moments that are challenging to explore but we will only ever go at a pace or depth that you feel supported at. Critical to this is that you feel safe within the space of the therapy room and within our therapeutic relationship. 

In order to give us both time to understand the issues that have brought you to counselling and to help us form our collaborative relationship, I usually suggest that we work together for at least 10 sessions. 

​These are usually scheduled weekly (sometimes fortnightly) at the beginning to give us some momentum. We will then decide together during the course of therapy when to reduce or finish sessions. 




I have specialised experience in supporting people whose relationship with food is affecting the quality of their life.

Disordered eating and eating disorders appear in many shapes and forms. Rather than fitting people into defined categories I prefer to consider there being a continuum.


This might include:

- Negative feelings about how you look or what you eat

- Thoughts are dominated by food, weight or body shape

- Finding it challenging to eat certain foods or food groups

- Eating in secret

- Fluctuating between eating lots and eating little

- Having rules about food and / or exercise

- Exercising to justify what you eat or have eaten

- Vomitting or using laxatives to try to get rid of calories

- Worrying that you have lost control, or will do, over how much you eat



Pre-session zoom call (30 mins): No charge​

1 hour sessions: £65

Our initial zoom call is a chance for us to meet so you can see if I'm the right person to support you. You can book this directly or feel free to email me instead if you prefer


I work both in-person in Gorebridge, Midlothian (EH23 4LD) or online via Zoom.

My usual working hours are: 

Monday: 1pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday: 9am - 6:30pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 6:30pm

Thursday: 9am - 4pm 

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