Formal Training & CPDs

  • CBT for Body Image (2022)

  • Body Image in Teenagers (2022)

  • Certificate in Somatic Parts (2022)

  • Diploma in CBT Therapy and Group Therapy (in progress)

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (2021)

  • Yoga Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery (2021)

  • Trauma Informed Yoga & Movement Training (2020)

  • Certificate in 3rd Wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (2019/20)​ made up of trainings in: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy, Mindfulness

  • Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders (2017)​

  • Schema Therapy Fundamentals (2017)

  • Fundamentals of Yoga Outreach (2017)

  • Yin and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (2016/7) 

  • ​Eat, Breathe Thrive Facilitator Training (2016)

  • NLP Diploma & Practitioner (2015) - EMH Inspire, Edinburgh

  • Anatomy Trains with James Earls (2014), London

  • Fundamentals of Psychotherapy 1,2,3 (2013) - Edinburgh University

  • Studio and Mat Pilates (2009/10) - Polestar Pilates, London

  • Tutor Training (2010) - Vocation Scotland, Glasgow

  • Levels 1,2,3 Triathlon Coaching (2005-9) - Triathlonscotland, Stirling

  • GP Referral Practitioner Training (2002) - The Wright Foundation, Dundee

  • Advanced Personal Training Diploma (2001) - Premier Training, Trowbridge

About me

I'm passionate about helping people build a connective 

relationship with their body. I firmly believe that our body is always trying to do the best for us - even if we don't care, don't listen to it or actively work against it. It still keeps trying to communicate with us and help us. AND I get how incredibly difficult it can be to trust and connect with your body.


I know this because I struggled myself for many years. I hated and punished my body for not being what I thought it should be, and not doing what I thought it should. I put up with a long term eating disorder, anxiety, and panic attacks for many many years.


Eventually I got help and with the combined support of a psychotherapist and a movement therapist, I began to unwind long held patterns of tension, and limiting beliefs about myself and I built myself up from the inside out. I came to understand how I had been keeping myself safe by disconnecting from my body, emotions and feelings. I gradually formed a healthy core of self-esteem and a nourishing relationship with myself. 

This is how I come to the work that I now do, and that I am passionate about. I have gone on to study both somatic and psychotherapeutic based therapies, with a specific interest in helping others recover from disordered eating and lack of feeling safe in their body. I believe there’s a place for talking, and a place for movement, so I don't see them as separate in my practice.

I am incredibly proud of the education and presenting work that I do with my business associate, Jody Phillips, on movement and exercise therapy within eating disorder recovery. More information on this: MOVE-D

When I'm not working I can be found trotting round the Pentland Hills, weaving through the mountain bike trails in the Scottish Borders or in my own wee world either reading, writing or drawing.