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8 week online course

Starts March13th

What the course involves:

💤 The course takes a body based approach to improving sleep, which helps you to become more self aware AND to have agency over improving your sleeping patterns.


💤 Weekly live zoom sessions over the 8 weeks where I shall guide you through a simple sleep focused yoga sequence, some breath techniques and awareness. 

Live sessions take place on Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30pm, and will be recorded if you can't make the 'live'.

First session is Wednesday 13th March.

Final live session is Wednesday 1st May.


💤 Supporting information about the physiology of sleep along with material to guide you to understanding your own sleep pattern, your sleep sabotages and how you replenish your energy during the day.


 💤 Strategies to un-busy your mind, manage thoughts and help your brain to sleep better

💤 All info contained in one place which you will have access to for 4 months. 

I won't tell you to 'just relax' or 'switch off' - because I bet you've tried that already and it hasn't worked?

But I will guide you towards bringing more relaxation into your body and dialling down a busy mind, which will help you to reset your body's sleep appetite. 

How much is the course?


which you can choose as a one-off payment on booking

or as 2 equal instalments one month apart. 

Interested for next time?

Drop me a wee email, I'm happy to answer your question(s) and can let you know when this course runs again


Please note this course is not suitable for you if you are pregnant.  

If you have a current health issue which you are receiving treatment for, please get in touch before booking the course, so we can check it's suitable for you. 

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