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Eating Disorders Education

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I have been delivering eating disorder awareness education sessions and trainings since 2016.


I am particularly passionate about raising awareness of eating disorders within sport and fitness, and challenging the 'norms' within these industries around body size, shape and relationships with food and exercise. 

Eating (and exercise) disorders are significantly more prevalent within sport and the fitness industry, yet can often remain hidden behind the fine line between dedication and disorder. This is also (sadly) increasingly so within the wellness industry. 

Delivering education to coaches and fitness practitioners means they are more able to spot signs, are informed about appropriate language, practices and scope when working with someone who has experienced an eating disorder and know how to signpost to relevant services if needed. They are also asked to consider the wider context of sport and fitness and why these environments may become triggers to someone who is vulnerable to developing an eating disorder. 

I also deliver presentations about the beneficial role that movement and exercise can play within eating disorder recovery. 

Professional Portfolio:

Co-Lecturer in Eating Disorders in Sport - University of Edinburgh (since 2016)
Delivering to year 3 &4 undergraduate, and postgraduate students, in applied sport science, physical activity for health, medical and sports performance disciplines.

Co- Lecturer in Eating Disorders in Dance - University of Edinburgh (since 2017)
Delivering to undergraduate and post graduate students within the Dance Faculty as part of the Dance Medicine Module 

Lead presentation; CCQI, Quality Network for Eating Disorders (2022)

‘Exercise and Eating Disorders: the use of exercise as a tool to recovery’,

Online (hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatry)


Presentation to Scottish Athletics (2022)

Eating Disorder Awareness in Athletics

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) (2019)

Physical Activity and Health Board

Guidance for University Gyms and Eating Disorder members 

FASIC/ The University of Edinburgh Gym (2019)

Presentation to fitness staff on eating disorder awareness and approaches to support individuals

Yoga, Pilates and the Eating Disordered Client (2018)

1 day CPD workshop for yoga and pilates teachers

The Power of Belief in Eating Disorder Recovery'

Presentation at Royal Medical Society Annual Conference (2018)

RealTalk; Eating Disorders Awareness week; Real Stories & Conversations of Recovery (2018)

Hosted and organised event where people in recovery were supported to share their stories


Nuffield (2017)

Presentation to staff and personal trainers on eating disorder awareness and approaches to supporting members

Eat, Breathe, Thrive (2016/7)

Facilitating a yoga based approach to mindful eating, emotional resilience and body confidence

Presentation to University of Edinburgh hockey teams (2016)

Eating Disorder Awareness in Sport

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