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Movement Therapy

Sometimes people are more drawn to movement therapy because how they are feeling is affecting them physically, or vice versa. For example:

- Following life changing or major surgery or a long term illness

- Experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, extreme physical tension

- Feeling low in confidence and energy

 - Feeling burnout and / or fed up giving to others

- They are finding it difficult to move on from a traumatic life event

- Recovery from compulsive exercise, eating disorder, self harm, addiction, trauma

- Managing chronic pain

You are way more than 'just' a body to me. I see you and I am interested in what makes you you - truly you. That's the person that I want you to get back to and that's what we focus on.

I have a tool kit of many different movement practices to draw from gathered in over 20 years as a movement practitioner. It ranges from yoga, pilates, and somatic movement through to functional and sports / activity specific ones.

We might take a pragmatic practical approach by creating a programme of movements and progressing forward around this structure. Our sessions might be more experiential, allowing the 'work' to embody itself during the session and taking away changes in feelings, thoughts and perspective. It'll be what makes most sense to you! 

Pre-session zoom or phone call (20-30 mins): No charge

Initial & Ongoing Sessions (60 mins): £65

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