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Movement Therapy

Movement therapy simply means using movement therapeutically, and in ways that will support your needs.

It can be really supportive when you have been dealing with a long term physical issue that is affecting you mentally or emotionally. Or, vice versa, where emotional challenges are affecting you physically.  It can help you to regain connection with yourself again and feel more able to do the things that make you you.  

Some examples of how I support people with movement therapy are

- To regain inner strength and stability after a time that has been physically, emotionally or mentally difficult

To improve low confidence or low self esteem

- To rebuild energy and zest for life

- Experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, extreme physical tension

 - Feeling burnout and run down

- Finding it difficult to move on from a traumatic life event

I have specific unique knowledge and experience of working with people to support recovery from an eating disorder or exercise dependency. 

Pilates lays a foundation to my practice of movement therapy, as it really connected together my understanding of how each individual moves. But I also have a tool kit gathered from over 20 years of working with movement which includes yoga, body awareness therapy, feldenkrais and somatic movement through to functional and sports / activity specific ones. So I'm able to bring what you need to the sessions, based on where you are at and what makes sense to you. 

What movement therapy sessions together look like in practice really is individual to you. We might take a pragmatic practical approach by creating a programme of movements and progressing forward around this structure. Our sessions might be more experiential, allowing the 'work' to embody itself during the session and taking away changes in feelings, thoughts and perspective. It'll be what makes most sense to you. 


Pre-session zoom or phone call (20-30 mins): No charge

Movement Therapy sessions in Gorebridge:

Single 60 min session: £70

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